Job Safety Skills Society launches new online services for teachers and youth.

April 5, 2003

New initiative brings award-winning safety program to learners in enhanced format

CALGARY, AB. 10:00 a.m. MST: The Job Safety Skills Society (JSSS) launched a youth-oriented Web site, Web-based JobSafe program and CD-ROM at the Calgary Safety Expo today. The new and enhanced resources build on the success of the Society’s existing JobSafe program to provide safety education to a wider range of youth and instructors.

“Our media-based safety education program has been in development a long time,” says Dr. Michael Alpern, executive director of JSSS. “These new initiatives allow us to increase access to JSSS’s award-winning JobSafe program by delivering our message through a variety of media for our young audience.”

JSSS is a non-profit organization formed by a partnership of educators, industry, government and the community. The Society’s school-based JobSafe program educates students about workplace health and safety issues; students develop skills and acquire knowledge to help them become safe workers. JSSS provides JobSafe materials without charge to all publicly funded Alberta junior and senior high schools.

“Young people think they’re invincible and indestructible,” says Dr. Alpern. “The statistics prove they’re not. In 2002, nine workers under the age of 25 were killed on the job. More than 35,500 were injured, and more than 60 per cent of those injured were hurt in their first six months on the job. JSSS was established to educate and train young people that workplace-related incidents, injuries and fatalities can and must be prevented.”

The revamped Web site – at – and its Web-based JobSafe program provide an interactive way for students of all ages to learn basic safety principles and practices. The program allows learners to acquire a broad base of safety knowledge and to assess their knowledge in a variety of workplace, home and other situations. The enhanced JobSafe CD-ROM delivers safety education through narration and virtual reality clips. It enables learners to identify safety hazards and controls related to a number of different workplace situations.

Since Alberta Education approved the JobSafe program in 1995, over 10,250 students have graduated with a Certificate of Competency. Currently, 567 schools in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories offer JobSafe.

Job Safety Skills Society … securing our future: leading youth toward safer, healthier and productive lives.


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