Reminder to submit names for certification

August 3, 2011


Re:  Job Safety Skills For Young Workers Program

CTR 1210 Personal Safety Management
CTR 2210 Workplace Safety Practices
CTR 3210 Safety Management Systems


Job Safe In The Classroom & Beyond

HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems
HCS3010: Workplace Safety Practices
AGR3000: Agriculture Safety


A friendly reminder to all schools, if you haven’t already submitted for certification the names and marks of the students who have completed one or more of the above-mentioned courses, please email or fax the list to (780) 413-6877 or toll free (866) 513-6877.

We thank the schools that have already sent in their information!

Many schools had not submitted their students’ information for last year to receive their students’ credentials.  Please check your records and ensure these students benefit from receiving acknowledgement for their successful completion of the above courses.

These credentials are a welcome addition to the student’s career portfolio and are considered an asset by many employers when hiring these young people.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Donna Jones
Office Administrator


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